New Takes on Carrot Cake

Hi everyone! This is a great time to begin thinking about your holiday dinner menu, especially your desserts.  Nothing every beats a good 'ole homemade cake! Absoultely nothing! What holiday dessert spread doesn't include some yummy carrot cake? Check out this new takes on the popular dessert, care of Food & Wine magazine, and give it a shot this holiday season. Remember: baking in a metal pan is best for oven temperatures over 350 degrees. Use a lovely cake stand to show off this holiday treat! Enjoy!


1. With cocoa. Baked in a loaf, this carrot cake is made extra delicious with the addition of cocoa powder and an almond-y streusel topping.

All photos courtesy of Food & Wine magazine

All photos courtesy of Food & Wine magazine

2. With almonds. Instead of using a lot of flour, this simple, unfrosted carrot cake relies on finely ground almonds and whipped egg whites for its structure.

3. As cupcakes. Yep, the classic layer cake makes for equally delicious cupcakes. Top them with the usual cream cheese frosting or upgrade by adding caramel as well.

4. With lemon frosting. Mascarpone, the creamy Italian cheese, is a luscious stand-in for the usual cream cheese. Lemon juice gives the frosting its signature tanginess.

5. With coconut. Coconut flour not only creates a pleasantly dense and flavorful carrot cake, it also makes it fiber-rich and gluten-free!

6. As cookies. Add carrots to your oatmeal cookies and top with cream cheese frosting for a cute riff on carrot cake.

7. As waffles. Make a carrot cake–inspired waffle batter, then top with cream cheese whipped cream. (Feel free to replace the gluten-free flour in the recipe with all-purpose.)

8. As muffins. Feeling like you want to eat something more virtuous? Skip the frosting and add wheat bran to the usual carrot cake.

By Kristin DonnellyPosted November 14, 2015.

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