6 Stylish Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Ok so I'm like so excited Christmas is around the corner! I love the red Starbuck cups and red Target bags and the shopping crowds. There's just something about the holiday spirit that makes you feel happy and thankful. You can't help but begin to sing your favorite Christmas carol when you see the twinkle of holiday lights in the peaceful night sky. What joy! You want your guests to feel this nostalgia, and even you yourself, when celebrating the holidays. Your décor helps set the tone. Many of us have already put up our Christmas trees and lights; many of us - like me - are still in the process :). Regardless of where you stand, our 6 Stylish Holiday Décor Ideas for Your Home will delight any home and have you singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." 

1. A Square Wreath, That's So Sweet

Photo courtesy of HGTV.com

So many doors don't have wreaths. That's the first hallmark of holiday! Your front door is totally the first impression - and first thing you see - when approaching your home. So make it a good impression, better yet a stylish impression with a square wreath. Balance the non-traditional shape with a red ribbon/wreath hanger to remind everyone it is in fact a holiday wreath, just taken to a lovely level. Such wreaths can be found at your local craft's store. 

2. Metallic & Sparkle-up Your Coffee Table

Photo courtesy of crateandbarrel.com

It surprises me how many people are scared of metalics. Metallics (e.g. in gold, silver, purple, etc) add spunk and festiveness. Mix with some sparkle, and you're ready to party. The trick to keeping this look elegant: use ornaments as an accent piece! Use a mix of shapes, textures, or colored ornaments, but do stick to two to three different styles and colors. Keep it simple. Feel free to throw in a metallic or sparkled reindeer or tree; as long as the color matches your décor. This is a good time to purchase a well sculpted tray made for decorating. And yes, you will need wide candles (colored candles are festive) in clear and/or metallic frosted candle holders and a touch of berry and holly!

3. Add Mismatched Fur Stockings

Photo courtesy of unchartedvision.com

Yes, fur or faux-fur, we love the luxe factor of fur, especially for the holidays! Give it a try and implement it into your décor via stockings. To really add style to your mantle: mix up the type of fur stockings you use and add a single bold fur print! Just make sure to keep everything in the same color family and use at least one pair of each type of fur. Or mix it all up! Anyway you do it, they'll look so amazing with the logs burning behind them that you'll want to spend the holidays next year in Aspene!

4. Deck-out Your Dining Chairs

Show your dining chairs some love this holiday season! Dress your chairs up with a shiny thick fabric ribbon. Secure the ribbon with pins or a tight knot.  Then dazzle with pine cones and greenery or your favorite holiday accent. Try using a simmer accent, as it'll add more depth to décor. Avoid using ornaments as they scatter easily and can be used safely somewhere else. You can also use chair covers to enhance your color scheme, but make sure it matches your table runner or cloth so the décor stays cohesive.

5. Holiday Treats, a Display Feast

Place treats in lovely candy jars or clear vases on your kitchen counter near the snack bowl or on your island. Whatever you do use clear jars! I heart apothecary jars (find at your local craft's store); a set of three in different sizes and heights work well. Show off those colorful candies. If you can, find candies in wrappers that mimic your holiday color scheme. Have a different color in each jar or mix up all the colors. Add a holiday ribbon or bow to the jar lids. Drape the steam or bottom of jars with a leafy garland and tada! Oh, don't forget the candy scopes!

6. Grab a Blanket

Photo courtesy of zazzle.com

Throw blankets are so versatile and great for cozying up. If you have minimal décor or a minimalistic style living/family room or aren't too big on lots of decorating, try using an elegant throw blanket to add some holiday cheer. You can get it in a holiday motif (e.g. black and white fleur-de-lis, like in the photo) or - if you want to keep it simple - in traditional holiday colors (e.g. red and white stripes). While you're at it, add a small festive throw pillow - I like anything with sparkle! After the holiday season, you can always store the blanket away to use for house guests.


Stay tuned for more holiday décor ideas! Let us know which of these tips you tried and share your comments. Remember: Joy Designs Homes!