5 Must Try Spring Entertaining Tips!

Happy Tulip Season everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying the Spring thus far. Here in Atlanta it's been a roller coaster of cold and warm weather, granting invitations to thunderstorms. But it's all well in the ATL. While we're in the heart of Spring - and before it starts storming again - we had to share some of our 5 Must Try Spring Entertaining Tips! Nothing says a Spring shindig like an awesome gathering of family, friends, business partners, etc, all enjoying delicious food, tasty drinks, seasonal décor and - of course - great company! So let's spring to it:


#1. BYO - Bartender

I've gone to way too many parties where guests are making their own drinks. And even worse, the host is tied down to the bar taking drink orders. So everyone but the host is enjoying their event, ... and a drink. No, we are totally in support of BYOB!  But if your selection spans beyond beer, wine, soda, and your favorite punch, we'd suggest enlisting a bartender.  It'll take stress off of you as a host, and plus the bartender can whip up any drink of your desire. And you can finally use your bar that you haven't had a chance to use in years!


#2. Hello Bright Fresh Flowers

Photo: wearefound.com

Photo: wearefound.com

Okay, so I'm a totally tulips kind of gal! Especially colored tulips - how fun and unexpected! Ever Spring, we always find a way to incorporate tulips - or really any bright fresh flowers - into our event décor. Fresh flowers are always a plus for their lovely scent, makes you feel like running to the meadows singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music, la la la la,..." One of the easiest ways, and places, to incorporate fresh flowers into your spring décor: your kitchen countertop or island, the heart of any home. Aim for a bright hue of similar colors already in your home; yellow usually compliments most décor.  Select in-season florals and place in a clear vase (trim stems evenly) or a bright or white vase. You'll already be one step closer to being party ready!  


#3. More Ivy Please

We heart ivy! It's a great foundation to use for practically any season. And it's a lovely plant for bringing warmth into your home. Try incorporating an ivy garland as a runner on your dining table or food buffet. Even drape some around the base of your candy/treat jars. Use pillar candles or candle holders and fresh or faux fruit (lemon and limes work well) or bright flowers along the garland to add dept. For an evening event, we'd suggest sticking to candles and flowers. In either case, ensure some ivy hangs off the edges of the table or countertops to preserve the integrity of the plant's beauty and whimsical effects.


#4. Use Your Pool or Patio

If you've been getting tons of compliments on your pool or patio, then it's a sign.  It's time to throw a party! Pool and patio parties provide a relaxing ambiance of fresh air and the comfort of your home. The secret to a fantastic pool or patio party: playing good music, providing 30-50% seating, and keeping the food and bar outside (if possible). If the bar and food are kept inside, let it be easily accessible from the patio or pool. Wipe down everything (even if you're using table linens) and dust off seat cushions. Call the pool cleaner - yes, we'll be able to tell the difference. And remember to turn on your pool and patio lights, place gourmet peanuts in dainty bowls at the bar, and fight insects with some cintronella candles!


#5. Oscar Worthy Desserts

Have you had a dessert martini? Yes, a martini glass with a dessert in it! Gotcha lol. Use a fancy and unexpected presentation of desserts to keep the party lively well after everyone has eaten. Martini glasses (disposable works just as well and allow for easy clean-up) or even tall shot glasses are good for mousses and custards. But only fill 2/3 of the way to leave room for toppings. Small to medium sized cookies and bite-size desserts (e.g., petit fours) can be nicely displayed on tiered dessert stands. Desserts such as cakes, chesse cake, and anything with frosting should be cut before dessert time and placed on seperte desert plates for each guest to easily grab. And don't forget dessert forks and spoons!

Let us know if you were able to give any of these tips a try! How did they work for you? How did you incorporate these ideas into your party? Do share and share any pictures!

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