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Hi everyone!  It's so great to be chatting with ya again! We've missed ya so much! It's been one thing after the other, but we're so glad to be back at blogging and are oh-so grateful for each of you! We definitely could not leave ya hanging during the holidays without sharing some amazing holiday entertaining tips and tricks! We love the holidays; adore the holidays! It's the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature, snowflakes (it snowed in Atlanta!), candid yams, butternut squash anything (lol), firesides, baked brie, holiday carols, hot coco overflowing with marshmallows (my fave!), and the laughter of family and friends! So we put together 6 Top Tips for Effortless Holiday Entertaining! These tips are incredibly simple, quick, and so doable. They're so super fantastic that they've been featured in The  Boss Box and Modern Luxury Interiors, Atlanta (page 185)! We are beyond trilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you The Boss Box and ML Interiors, Atlanta! Keep these tips in mind as you're getting those remaining gifts and/or making preparations for incoming family and guests! You'll be so glad you did! Drumroll ...

6 Tips for Effortless Holiday Entertaining!

1. Decorate in No Time
No decorations up yet? Family arriving in a few days? Most home and garden stores have color cards that can easily help you pick a quick scheme. Find one you like and go with it! Add festive accents to popular areas such as the kitchen, family room, and mantles. Hang a colorful wreath on your door and light clusters of candles to create amazing ambiance!

2. Impress with Desserts
Cupcake/cake stands and platters are your friends! Cluster your desserts on a buffet or console table and decorate with pumpkins, pomegranates, or winter squash! For cocktail parties, aim for at least three different bite-size sweets to offer. For sit-down dinners, use a stylish dessert plate, or classic painted china.

3. Gather Around Fire Pits or Fireplaces
When it comes to holiday entertaining with your family and friends, there’s no place like home! Make sure to have a moment where everyone gathers together to share special holiday memories or exchange gifts. Warm fireplaces or pits are the perfect location! Blankets, apple cider, and s’mores increase the cozy-factor!

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4. Kids Just Want to Have Fun!
Create a kids-only zone filled with holiday crafts and games for your most precious tiny guests. The crafts can double as party favors at the end of the night! Consider enlisting a babysitter to oversee the activities.

5. Ask Before You Post
Guests, check with your host before posting photos on social media! You may unintentionally hurt the feelings of someone who didn’t score an invite, and you also want to respect the host’s home. Hosts, get the ‘OK’ from your guests before clicking ‘post’! Consider creating a special hashtag for everybody to use!

6. Try Electronic Invites
Technology is an effortless way to quickly communicate with guests, especially if high attendance is expected. There is a plethora of creative and stylish electronic invites to excite your guests. This method also makes it easier for your guests to RSVP, and you can conveniently message them with any updates.


These tips can also be incorporated into your New Year's Day festivities! Share these tips with a friend and post your photos on social media (tag Rayo Events). We'd love to see your creative creations! :-)