A Yummy Valentine's Breakfast Dessert!

So I have this love/everyday should be Valentine's Day relationship with Valentine's Day! It's such a sweet day to show your honey or those close to you how much you love them. But enough with the strawberries and roses! Don't get me wrong, totally love the combo of red and fabulous fuchsia, and heart strawberries (especially summertime), but it's always cool to add some spice to the way things are usually done. It makes the day so much more exciting, and gives you kudo points for sure! So let's give this a try - a yummy ... and SUPER easy, breakfast dessert! Yes I said it, dessert for breakfast. Why not start this sweet day with a sweet for your sweetie (don't forget a spoon for you too) ...

Raspberry-Chocolate Parfait

photo: foodnetwork.com

This is one of the easiest and quickest desserts you'll every make. All you need and all you need to do:

Toss 1/2 cup raspberries with 1 tablespoon chocolate liqueur and layer with crumbled brownies and chocolate ice cream in 2 glasses. Top with whipped cream and more raspberries.

(recipe: foodnetwork.com)


The best part about this recipe, besides my fav raspberries, is that you can totally add a 1/4 cup of your favorite yogurt (I'd recommend vanilla or lemon flavors) in place of the crumble brownies, and you're ready to conquer the day! Please don't forget to use a stem, clear glass dessert bowl.  You can find these at your local home goods store at great prices. It makes the parfait look so elegant and delicious, which means creative point for you! And do serve on your most loved tray. 

For my strawberry-must-include-for-Valentine's Day peep, a strawberry dessert is on the way!

Let us know how yours turned out. And remember: Joy Designs Homes