Fall is here!

Hi everyone! Please excuse me for my mini-sabbatical! I missed you all. But we're back on board. It's for sure time to get back to entertaining and decoration tips!

It's Fall, so you know what that means: lots of outstanding oranges, rich reds, textured tans, and mysterious mustards. And of course, I can't forget my favorites: shades of burlap, squashes (butternut squash!!!), pumpkin bread, and pomegranate anything! Love the fall!

One of the most fantastic ways to get you and your guests into the Autumn mode, if you haven't already, is having a fall wreath. I love square wreaths because they're different (in a good way), chic, and make a great conversation piece. Try wrapping a seasonally print fabric or (heavy duty) burlap around your wreath or hanger to complete your wreath. You can purchase a square wreath, foam, silk flowers, and wreath hanger and fabric from your local crafts store.

Please share how yours turned out and send your lovely pictures!

As always, remember: Joy Designs Homes!